Weber County Republicans to pick delegates, key in selecting GOP candidates

SW 032216 Utah Caucus 02

Some candidates get signatures on petitions to secure a place on the ballot, another route for...


Bolton replacing McMaster as Trump national security adviser


WASHINGTON (AP) — Charging ahead with the dramatic remaking of his White House, President Donald Trump said he would replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster with the former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk entering an administration facing key decisions on Iran and North...


Congress OKs $1.3 trillion budget, averting another shutdown

Budget Battle

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress gave final approval Friday to a giant $1.3 trillion spending bill that ends the budget battles for now, but only after late scuffles and conservatives objected to big outlays on Democratic priorities at a time when Republicans control the House, Senate and White House....


For One Father And Son In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria’s Cloud Has Not Lifted

To reach the Martinez home in Puerto Rico’s central mountains, social worker Eileen Calderon steers around piles of dirt, treacherous potholes and power company trucks that block the road. Finally, she pulls up to a sagging, cement home, its roof done in by Hurricane Maria. Laundry hangs under a...


Poll: Americans Aghast Over Drug Costs But Aren’t Holding Their Breath For A Fix

The recent school shootings in Florida and Maryland have focused attention on the National Rifle Association’s clout in state and federal lobbying activities. Yet more than the NRA or even Wall Street, it’s the pharmaceutical industry that Americans think has the most muscle when it comes to...


The Dream Among ‘Dreamers’ To Become A Doctor Now ‘At The Mercy’ Of Courts

Among the young people known as “Dreamers,” Ever Arias belongs to a select group. Of the roughly 700,000 unauthorized immigrants who have temporary but tenuous protection from deportation, only 99 are in medical school. Fewer still have made it to their final year. Arias is one of them and, come...


Trump's plan to remove McMaster wasn't true _ until it was


WASHINGTON (AP) — It wasn’t true, it wasn’t true — until it was. Thursday’s announcement that National Security Adviser H.R McMaster will be the latest top aide to leave the White House spotlights President Donald Trump’s mercurial decision-making when it comes to staffing the top ranks of...


Tweet offering home to gun protesters launches movement

Student Gun Protests Volunteers

WASHINGTON (AP) — It started with a rare tweet by a woman who had — “maybe” — 28 followers on Twitter. Elizabeth Andrews, a D.C. attorney and mother of a high schooler, was moved by the poise and eloquence of students from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the deadly Feb. 14...


Senate OKs $1.3 trillion for defense, domestic programs, sending measure to Trump and

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate OKs $1.3 trillion for defense, domestic programs, sending measure to Trump and averting weekend federal shutdown.


Huge spending bill clears key Senate hurdle as Congress nears OK of big boosts for

WASHINGTON (AP) — Huge spending bill clears key Senate hurdle as Congress nears OK of big boosts for defense, domestic programs.


Bolton may herald rightward shift in Trump's foreign policy

Trump National Security Adviser

WASHINGTON (AP) — John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser — and his third to date — is a divisive foreign policy figure who was an unabashed supporter of the Iraq war and advocates regime change in Iran. The rise of the mustached Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador...

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