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Anglers are constantly on guard against dropping electronic devices into...
Story by Mike Marsh
The News & Observer
June 17, 2011
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Ask most hunters and fishermen who introduced them to the outdoors and most will reply that it was their fathers. To honor this hallowed handed-down tradition, many outdoor offspring will be spending Father’s Day with their dads, participating in their favorite outdoor activities.

Outdoorsmen love the latest widgets and gadgets, as well as time-tested tools and books that help them become better hunters and fishermen.

Here a few ideas for gifts that will be cherished long after they have been received on Father’s Day.

Keep electronics dry

Anglers are constantly on guard against dropping electronic devices into the water. Solve the problem with a new, vacuum-sealed, fully enclosed waterproof case that will protect a smart phone, iPad, electronic book or digital camera. The case, called the DryCase, allows full access to touch-screens, and one model even has hookups for headphones or microphones. It has an optional armband for attaching to an arm or boat console. The various sizes cost from $40 to $60. For information, visit or call 888-600-0379.

Train that best friend

Books make excellent gifts. For the father who has a retrieving dog, the second edition of “Top Dog” was recently released. “Top Dog” teaches a rapid training method for upland and water hunting. It is based on Richard A. Wolter’s original book, “Water Dog,” but has been upgraded to incorporate electronic collar training much earlier in the training process for faster results. Price is $14.99. Published by Mid Carolina Media Inc., it is available along with the company’s other dog training books and videos at major retailers. Learn more at, or call 800-601-9514.

Solve a problem

Braided line is notorious for throwing tangles that cannot be unraveled without cutting the expensive line. But Castalia Outdoors’ innovative Sharkfin spinning reel solves the situation of backlashes in braided fishing line. A specially designed spool face is scalloped to allow line loops to rest forward and below any overlapping line. When a cast is made, the line pays out until it gets down to the loop, and the loop simply comes free rather than throwing a “braid booger.” Available in FD2000 (Freshwater-Inshore Saltwater, $119.99) and FD4000 (Inshore-Light Offshore, $149.99) sizes, each reel comes with a second, conventional spool for monofilament line. For information, visit or call 863-635-7238. 7392.

Save boat space

The Flip Net is another innovative product from Castalia Outdoors. For landing catfish, flounder, striped bass and other large game fish, a large net is required. But a net with a big hoop takes up so much room in a boat it creates problems with stowing. The Flip Net ($39.99, Bass Pro Shops price) folds to a couple of inches in diameter, small enough to stow beneath a seat or in a rod holder. It flips open easily into a huge triangular figuration rather than a loop. The coated mesh won’t snag hooks. For information, visit or call 863-635-7238. 7392.

Prepare a bow hunter

For the bow hunter, Field Logic’s new Big Shooter Buck ($109.99) has a 125-point Pope and Young rack. It’s so big that it’s harder to miss than smaller 3-D targets and prepares the archer for hunting trophy deer. The company offers many 3-D and other target styles in a broad price range to fit any budget. Field Logic targets offer positive arrow stops with easy arrow removal. For more information, visit or call 800-282-4868.

Provide a good look

Sporting goods and department stores sell binoculars at prices beginning around $20. Nikon offers high-quality binoculars in several models that have special rebate pricing including the Action 10x50 ($89.95), Travelite 8x25 ($69.95) and Pro Staff Waterproof ($89.95). Visit for retail outlets and online sales information.

Shell out for shooters

Ammunition is always a welcome gift, and summertime is a great time to shoot up some .22 rimfire ammo. A 555 carton of Winchester .22 long-rifle hollow-point ammo costs about $20. Outdoor sports retailers and discount and department stores sell .22 ammo, and the Winchester 555 box gives five more shots for the same price as other manufacturers’ 550-round cartons. Wal-Mart is a good place to buy Winchester .22 ammo.

Learn more at

Give a handy treasure

Knives are among the most cherished gifts an outdoorsman can receive.

Fiskars offers a couple of knives that anglers will put to good use. The company’s fillet knife with belt sheath is priced around $17, and its classic yellow-handled folding knife with a filleting blade and fish-scaling blade retails for about $50. Fiskars knives are available at Wal-Mart and other discount or sporting goods stores. Learn more at

Protect Dad on water

Inflatable life vests are practical and may save Dad’s life during an on-the-water emergency. They are comfortable enough that anglers actually wear them, unlike personal flotation devices with excessively bulky buoyancy. The Revere Sport Max Manual inflatable PFD costs $79.99.

The Revere Comfort Max Automatic inflatable costs $199.99. Buy at Overton’s online or at the Raleigh store (919-850-9754).

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