Fishing report - February 1

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
February 1, 2012
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Bear Lake

Biologist Scott Tolentino reports that as of Jan. 24, Bear Lake is 100 percent ice-free. Cisco are running well off the Utah State Park marina, but it has been slow off Cisco Beach — likely due to all the trees and vegetation in the water. Anglers have been able to dipnet limits of cisco in just a few minutes off the marina. Mornings are typically good, but anglers are dipping limits throughout the entire day for the last three days. It helps to have waders or hip boots and if it is windy, the cisco will not come in along the shoreline. Boat launching is available at the Utah State Park marina, 1st Point and the Rainbow Cove ramp. All boat ramps have courtesy docks in place at this time, but they can become iced over and slippery so extra caution is needed. Anglers continue to catch limits of cisco off the rockpile in about an hour in 45-50 feet of water. They are also picking up a few whitefish and cutthroat trout while jigging for cisco. Other good spots to try for trout are the areas off at 2nd Point and the pump house. Good depths to target have been about 75-85 feet, but you may want to try shallower water as the cutthroat will follow cisco into the weedy area in 25-35 feet of water. If you are trolling, try minnow-type lures — they are proving to be the most effective. If you are jigging, try castmasters or other vertical jigging spoons for cisco and whitefish. Use lead head jigs tipped with cisco for the trout. The cisco run and conditions update will be made at least every other day and will continue until the run is over; we expect it to go through next weekend. Call the Bear Lake office after 5 p.m. for up-to-date lake conditions at 435-946-8501.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Anglers report fair fishing for nice-sized tiger and rainbow trout. Be prepared for cold, windy weather. If you bring an ice tent (recommended) make sure you have ice anchors.

Blacksmith Fork River

River conditions are good. A couple of anglers fishing the impoundment open water areas in the canyon had fair success for brown and rainbow trout using spinners.

Bountiful Lake

Warmer weather and rain may make any existing ice unstable.

Causey Reservoir

Anglers report that fishing continues to be slow.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Cutler receives almost no fishing activity during winter months.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser reports that the ice at Taylor Hollow area is about eight inches thick. Anglers were having success fishing about 10 feet down from the surface of the ice. Some of anglers had success with a wax worm on a lead head jig or ratfinkee. Other anglers did well with a white split tail jig and a wax worm. The fish were up to 18 inches long.

Echo Reservoir

Conservation Officer Rustin Nielsen reports slow fishing. Anglers had the best success using tube jigs tipped with mealworms. The fish seemed to be cruising at about 16-20 feet deep. The ice is 10-12 inches thick. Fishermen should use caution getting onto the ice. The first few feet of ice from the shoreline are soft.

Farmington Pond

The pond is closed to vehicle access.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Two inches of slush sits atop seven inches of solid ice. Fishing is good for small rainbows. Use caution — if warmer weather persists, the ice will quickly deteriorate. The edges are showing some signs of weakening as water is being held in the reservoir.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Park Ranger Steve Bullock reports recent rain, warmer temperatures and flooding in Cache Valley have caused ice around the edge of Hyrum Reservoir to melt. Colder temperatures have begun to re-freeze the edges. Access to the ice sheet is more difficult, but possible. Use caution when accessing the ice. Fishing has slowed due to muddy runoff, but is expected to get better as temperatures drop and the water clears.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

The pond has some open water, but fishing is slow.

Kaysville Ponds

Warmer weather and rain could make any existing ice unstable.

Little Creek Reservoir

Sergeant Keith Fullenkamp reports anglers are continuing to have great success at the reservoir. The ice is at least eight inches thick. The edges are soft due to rain and warmer weather conditions. Anglers are catching quantities of planter rainbows that have fattened up considerably since being stocked this summer. Any kind of bait offered seems to work well.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Aquatics Tech Phil Tuttle reports fishing has slowed slightly but anglers continue to have fair to good success. White jigs tipped with night crawlers, mealworms, wax worms or PowerBait are producing the majority of the fish (emphasis on WHITE jigs). Lately the rainbows have been spread throughout the water column while larger cutthroat have been found mostly near the bottom. There are still a few larger cutthroat (low to mid 20-foot range) coming through the ice, but they have been few and far between.

Make sure you are aware of the new regulation at Lost Creek: You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All trout from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released.

Mantua Reservoir

Sergeant Mitch Lane reports that fishing has slowed down at Mantua. Anglers are catching a few small perch. Try a yellow or pink jig with a wax worm. One group fishing near the new parking lot at the northeast side caught a bunch of bluegill, a few rainbow trout and a couple of bass. There are some soft spots around the edges of the ice. Some snowmobiles and ATVs have gone through while trying to get on the ice.

Mirror Lake

Use caution with the recent snowstorms in the mountains. Be prepared for winter survival, as conditions can be extreme.

Newton Reservoir

Biologist Chris Penne reports the edges are soft and even questionable after all the rain and warm temperatures. Anglers would be well advised to bring a plank and exercise caution if they are looking to ice-fish Newton.

Ogden River

Due to rainstorms, the river was muddy over the weekend, but it has cleared right back up again.

Pineview Reservoir

Fishing success has been spotty. One group reported good success for crappie and perch before sunrise.

Porcupine Reservoir

Volunteer Dave Anderson reports that road conditions to the reservoir are snow-packed and icy. The reservoir is frozen. There are some soft edges due to rain and warmer temperatures.

Rockport Reservoir

Joseph Hamby reports that fishing has been good. A variety of ice flies tipped with wax worms, night crawlers and PowerBait seem to be working best. The fish are suspended at the 15- to 25-foot level. If the fishing seems slow, move around and ask around. The ice is nine to 12 inches thick but use caution around the edges. It has been thawing and freezing in the afternoon and evenings. There are now 40 tagged fish in the lake with prizes up to $2,500 cash. Park staff went out and caught about 15 trout with several over two pounds. They tagged seven more fish. See the State Parks website for more details. Due to safety concerns, do not park on the west side of Hwy. 32. Please park in the pullouts on the east side of Hwy. 32. The marina is plowed to allow easy access to the ice.

Weber River

Conservation Officer Rustin Nielsen reports that fishing is good. Anglers have had success using midge patterns to catch rainbow trout and white fish. Anglers have also had success catching brown trout using streamers or wooly buggers. The water is low and moving slow.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Park Ranger Mert Russo reports that there weren’t many anglers this weekend. The bay now has open water mixed with ice, making conditions difficult to access in a boat or on the ice.


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