Fishing report - February 27

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
February 27, 2013
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Bear Lake

For the latest information on fishing conditions at Bear Lake, call 435-946-8501 after 5 p.m.The ice is eight to 12 inches thick with about four inches of snow on top. Over the last week, nighttime temperatures have been below zero every night with highs in the 20s, so the ice is getting thicker. Fishing for cutthroat trout, lake trout and whitefish improved over President’s Day weekend. Anglers are catching cutthroat and lake trout using four- to five-inch tube jigs or large jigging spoons, like Swedish Pimples or Kastmasters, tipped with cisco or sucker meat. You may also want to try glow-in-the-dark jigs. The best spots have been along the west side of the lake from south of the marina to the rest area. Anglers have been fishing for trout in 45 to 95 feet of water. Try to get away from other anglers and from the snowmobile and ATV traffic. Noise on the ice can spook the fish and slow fishing, so you’ll usually do much better if you get away from the groups. Anglers are catching whitefish off the rockpile in 45 to 60 feet of water using small jigging spoons or ice flies below a spoon. Make sure to tip your lure with a small piece of nightcrawler, a waxworm or salmon eggs. You can also target whitefish over the weedbeds that are parallel to the shore south from Gus Rich Point to the rest area and off the pump house on the east side of the lake in 20 to 35 feet of water. Both Bonneville and Bear Lake whitefish are feeding on cisco eggs over the rocky and weedy areas. In order to harvest a cutthroat trout, the fish must have a healed fin clip.Garden City Community Fishery Pond: The pond is frozen, but the ice thickness can vary because of aerators in the pond. Be extremely careful. The water level is low. Try using small ice jigs tipped with worms or waxworms.Laketown Reservoir: The reservoir is frozen and has about eight inches of ice. You should avoid the inlet because it has unsafe ice, but the rest of the pond should be fairly solid. Try jigging with ice lures tipped with nightcrawlers or waxworms for rainbow trout up to two pounds. Most fish average 12 to 14 inches in length and are looking healthy.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Be prepared for windy and cold weather. Catch rates are rarely fast during the late winter months, but there is always a chance for a big tiger trout and fat, healthy rainbows. The last report from anglers indicated that fishing was hit or miss. The ice is reported to be more than a foot thick. The road over Monte Cristo is closed, so you’ll need to access the reservoir through Logan Canyon or Evanston.

Blacksmith Fork River

Try using standard nymph patterns for brown trout and whitefish.

Bountiful Lake

Anglers reported that fishing was slow.

Causey Reservoir

Anglers report occasional success. The edges have been softening, so use caution when accessing the ice.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Fishing decreases sharply during the winter months.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Chris and Randy Jones from Morgan fished the reservoir recently and reported good fishing for fat rainbow trout using jigs tipped with mealworms or crappie power nuggets.

Echo Reservoir

Fishing is good for larger perch using an ice fly tipped with mealworm on the bottom of the reservoir in 30 to 40 feet of water.

Farmington Pond

The gate is closed for the season, but the Farmington City Recreation Department notes that foot traffic is still allowed.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

This is a great spot to bring someone who has never ice fished. There’s plenty of ice right now, but it won’t last long with warmer temperatures. There are already signs of ice thawing around the edges, but it freezes again overnight. Fishing is good for small rainbow trout using ice flies and small jigs tipped with waxworms or mealworms.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Fishing is good for trout before 10 a.m.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

The pond was recently stocked and the ice is starting to recede.

Kaysville Ponds

Few anglers are fishing the ponds right now.

Little Creek Reservoir

Angler Dustin Gardner reports awesome ice fishing. He used pink, green and white ice flies. He also caught many fish on a red ice ant. And no matter what he used, he always tipped the end with a wax worm. He suggested letting it hit bottom, raising it just a little and then jigging for a while. He caught a couple of 16-inch fish and many other fish in the 10- to 12-inch range.

Logan River

Try using bead-head nymphs or Panther Martins.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Anglers report slow fishing.

Mantua Reservoir

Try small ice flies tipped with bait. Fishing at Mantua has been fair for trout and panfish.

Mirror Lake

Choose your fishing days carefully. Bad weather in the valleys is often much worse in the high country. Kamas Fish Hatchery personnel regularly fish the lakes of the Uintas and can answer questions about access and fishing conditions. You can contact them by calling 435-783-4883.

Smith and Morehouse has good access for snow machines and even four-wheelers. Fishing is good for rainbow trout, and the ice is nearly a foot thick. This is a great time of year to fish the Uintas if you are prepared for cold, snowy weather. You’ll need proper clothing, snow machines and power augers to get through the thick ice. At this time last year, fishing was hot at Whitney Reservoir, but we haven’t received any recent reports.

Newton Reservoir

Anglers report good fishing for eight-inch perch in shallow water using jigs tipped with waxworms.

Ogden River

Try using zebra midges, pheasant tails, streamers and Prince nymphs. Midge hatches have been observed, and BWO hatches are just a couple of weeks away.

Pineview Reservoir

Anglers report great fishing for perch. Families have been having fun experiences with youngsters catching plenty of perch. If you are lucky enough to catch a tiger muskie through the ice, remember to take some quick photos and release it as soon as possible.

Porcupine Reservoir

DWR personnel report that the roads to the reservoir are icy and snow-packed. The last snowstorm dropped about three inches of snow on top of the ice. Fishing pressure is light at this time of year.

Rockport Reservoir

Anglers report slow fishing.

Weber River

Fly anglers report good fishing for brown trout and mountain whitefish in the deeper runs and pools. Try using patterns like bead-head midges, rainbow warriors, pheasant tails, stoneflies and caddis larvae imitations. Midge hatches have been observed. Spin and bait anglers were few and far between, but some had success with a #6 Panther Martin or with jigs in the deeper pools and runs. Drifting a piece of nightcrawler through the deeper sections also produced fish. Remember that you must immediately release all cutthroat trout — or trout with cutthroat markings — if you catch them between Great Salt Lake and Echo Reservoir dam.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Fishing is slow.

—Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


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