Fishing report - February 6

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
February 6, 2013
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Bear Lake

Call the recorded information line at 435-946-8501 after 5 p.m. for updates on fishing conditions. We will continue to update the answering machine every other day.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Anglers report spotty success for tiger trout and rainbows. The ice is reported to be over 12 inches thick. The road over Monte Cristo is now closed, so access is through Logan Canyon or Evanston.

Blacksmith Fork River

Ice shelves have formed and are unstable, making access to open water difficult. Please use caution. Try standard nymph patterns for catching brown trout and whitefish.

Bountiful Lake

Anglers report fair fishing for small rainbow trout.

Causey Reservoir

Anglers report that fishing is good for small rainbow trout and a few kokanee salmon.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Angling activity drops off sharply during the winter months.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Ten days ago, Jeff Dale from East Canyon State Park reported that anglers were pulling up 16- to 18-inch rainbows. The activity level is average to a little slow, and may take some patience to find fish. Ice thickness is good. There haven’t been any angler reports since then.

Echo Reservoir

Fishing is good using jigs tipped with nightcrawlers or mealworms.

Farmington Pond

The gate is closed for the season, but the Farmington City Recreation Department says that foot traffic is still allowed.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Surveys indicate that there are panfish in the reservoir. A fish finder may be useful in locating them suspended in deeper water. Fishing continues to be good for small rainbow trout using ice flies and small jigs tipped with wax or mealworms. The ice is over six inches thick with some slush under the snow. In addition to good trout fishing, anglers are occasionally pulling out largemouth bass. For a change of scenery, try Hobbs and Andy Adams Reservoirs nearby.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Fishing continues to be good for trout using standard, small slug bug jigs tipped with mealworms. Good fishing was reported along the north shore near the car bodies and near the inlet. Also, pink, white and chartreuse jig heads tipped with wax/mealworms or shrimp are working well. Use caution. There is an influx of water on the lake. Make a plan, take a friend and bring safety equipment. If you bring a snowmobile or an OHV onto the lake, make sure everyone under the age of 18 is wearing a helmet. The state park is seeing a lot of children riding on OHVs without helmets.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Fish are being caught on jigs tipped with mealworms fished two feet under the ice.

Kaysville Ponds

The ice is safe, but there are very few anglers out on the ponds.

Little Creek Reservoir

DWR personnel checked conditions on Jan. 25 and found that fishing is very good for rainbows that were stocked last fall. Some of them are close to 14 inches now. The fish are biting light, so good line without twists is a must. A spring bobber will help you feel the light bites. Try using standard ice flies or small slug bug jigs tipped with mealworms.

Logan River

Use caution with the ice along the banks. River ice is never stable. When water runs under the ice, it continually erodes and weakens the ice. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts by crossing any river ice. There were no anglers observed in the canyon when DWR personnel checked on Jan. 26.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Anglers report that there have been snow machines on the ice and fishing is good for small rainbows and cutthroats. One angler reported success using a Flashabou jig tipped with a nightcrawler.

Mantua Reservoir

Fishing at Mantua is fair for trout and panfish.

Mirror Lake

Personnel at the Kamas Fish Hatchery regularly fish the lakes of the Uintas and can answer questions about access and fishing conditions. They can be reached at 435-783-4883.

Smith and Morehouse has good access for snow machines and four-wheelers. Fishing is good for rainbow trout and the ice is nearly a foot thick. If you are prepared for winter survival conditions, this is a great time of year to fish the Uintas. Be sure you have proper clothing, snow machines and power augers to get through thick ice. Fishing at Whitney Reservoir was hot at this time last year, but we haven’t had any angler reports so far this year.

Newton Reservoir

There haven’t been any recent reports from anglers.

Ogden River

The water level is still low and constant and the clarity is good, but a little off-colored. Lane closures are in effect and parking in the canyon is restricted for the first three miles. The canyon is usually above the inversion and the sky is brilliantly blue. Try using zebra midges, pheasant tails and prince nymphs.

Pineview Reservoir

Fishing is good for smaller perch and some crappie. Use small jigs, spoons and teardrops tipped with plastics, wax worms, mealworms, perch eyes and perch meat. If you are lucky enough to catch a tiger muskie through the ice, remember to take a photo and release it quickly.

Porcupine Reservoir

This week’s heavy snowfall and drifts have nearly shut down access.

Rockport Reservoir

Fishing is good and some anglers have reported good success for perch. For trout and perch, the traditional baits are working well: Ice flies tipped with wax worms, nightcrawlers or PowerBait. The ideal depth is 15 to 25 feet down. If success is slow, try moving around. Biologist Chris Penne has been doing some research to improve perch habitat (and fishing). He has found some promising studies that show good results in creating rock piles that can be used as nursery areas for small perch. We’ll keep you posted as his research progresses.

Weber River

There are sections of the Weber that are completely covered with ice, mostly in Weber Canyon. Never venture out onto river ice. As far as ice goes, the river is open between the Mountain Green and Morgan stretches and is fishing well, but other stretches have a lot of ice, making fishing difficult and dangerous. Anglers who are able to get out should find fishing success and little pressure from other anglers. Please remember that as of 2013, all cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings must be immediately released from the Great Salt Lake to Echo Reservoir dam.

Willard Bay Reservoir

State park personnel are seeing some ice fishing activity with a little success. One local fisherman said the crappie are beginning to bite. That report was from ten days ago, and we haven’t heard anything since.


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