Fishing report - January 16

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
January 16, 2013
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Bear Lake

Gary Winterton from Hooked On Utah reports excellent fishing for cutthroat trout from a boat. There is a fair amount of floating ice, but the lake should be frozen soon. Currently, launching is only possible at the Utah State Park marina, and there is even ice forming inside the marina with all deicers running. Although the ramp has been plowed, you will need at least a 4x4 — or perhaps chains — to launch. Cutthroat trout fishing has been excellent! Trolling has been difficult because of the floating ice in the lake, but anglers who are jigging are doing very well. If you can troll, use flatfish or rattling minnow lures. Troll them off downriggers near the Gus Rich Point/Rockpile area in about 40 to 60 feet of water. The area off of Second Point has also been good. If you are jigging, use three- to five-inch tube or twister-tailed jigs tipped with cisco or sucker meat. Jigging spoons (such as buckshots and Kastmasters) are also working well. Right now, the cutthroats are feeding on schools of cisco, but the cisco run will not take place until sometime between Jan. 15–25. We will begin daily updates on the answering machine, starting on Jan. 14. You can call 435-946-8501 after 5 p.m. for updates on fishing conditions. The annual Cisco Disco will be held on Jan. 26.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Temperatures are consistently below zero — be prepared for thick ice and wind! A shelter with ice anchors is very useful. Anglers are reporting good fishing for tiger trout and rainbows. The road over Monte Cristo is now closed, so access is through Logan Canyon or Evanston.

Blacksmith Fork River

Ice shelves have formed and are unstable. Please use caution. There is open water farther up the canyon towards Hardware Ranch.

Bountiful Lake

There haven’t been any recent reports.

Causey Reservoir

DWR personnel report that the ice is about five or six inches thick. Fishing is fair for smaller rainbows, although some nice tiger trout have been caught near the cliffs using tube jigs and sucker meat.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

There haven’t been any recent reports.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

DWR personnel report that East Canyon Reservoir has about five inches of ice. The ice may be thicker in the back bays and coves. Anglers are catching fish between 15 and 20 feet down from the ice surface. Try using a glow, curly tail jig with a mealworm.

Echo Reservoir

DWR personnel report that Echo Reservoir is frozen and the ice appears to be safe. However, you should still use caution. Fishing is good using jigs tipped with nightcrawlers or mealworms.

Farmington Pond

The gate is closed for the season, but the Farmington City Recreation Department says that foot traffic is still allowed.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

It looks like anglers have been on the ice. Use extreme caution when checking ice conditions.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

The state park reports that fishing is great and there are six to eight inches of ice. Many people are catching their limit of trout using nightcrawlers, wax worms and mealworms. Some anglers are using shrimp and PowerBait with some success. Some are catching perch as well. Always make a plan, take a friend, and have safety equipment when you head out on the ice! An ice-fishing tournament is being planned for Feb. 2 — details should be available in another week, according to the organizers.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Fishing has been slow. Anglers are using flies and baits.

Kaysville Ponds

There haven’t been any recent reports.

Little Creek Reservoir

Temperatures are consistently below zero — be prepared for thick ice! This reservoir offers a fun day-long outing for someone new to ice fishing. Although it can be cold and windy, it is a great place to use an ice-fishing tent! Parking is right at the edge of the reservoir, so you can retreat quickly to your vehicle if needed.

Logan River

Ice is forming along the banks, so please use caution. River ice is never stable. When water runs under the ice, it continually erodes and weakens the ice. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts by crossing any river ice.

Lost Creek Reservoir

DWR personnel report that Lost Creek still has ice forming. As of Jan. 6, there was a large section of open water in the middle of the lake. Some anglers have ventured out on the ice and found good fishing using worms to catch cutthroat trout. The ice near the dam and around the edge is about four to six inches thick. Anglers are starting to catch some larger fish, so it’s important to be aware of the regulations at Lost Creek: There is a total trout limit of four fish. You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All fish, including rainbows, from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released. Conservation officers are patrolling the area regularly.

Mantua Reservoir

DWR personnel report good fishing for rainbows and fair fishing for perch and bluegill. Fish were caught on an ice jig tipped with a mealworm or wax worm. Most fish were found in 13–19 feet of water. Be extremely careful — this reservoir is notorious for having soft spots in the ice.

Mirror Lake

All of the mountain roads are closed for the winter season. Utah SR-150 (Mirror Lake Highway) is closed at mile marker 14 (Soapstone Basin). State Route 35 is closed at mile marker 12 (Nobletts). Smith and Morehouse is closed at the end of the pavement at Thousand Peaks. If you are prepared for winter survival conditions, this is a great time of year to fish the Uintas. Be sure you have proper clothing, snow machines and power augers to get through thick ice. Personnel at the Kamas Fish Hatchery regularly fish the lakes of the Uintas and can answer questions about access and fishing conditions. They can be reached at 435-783-4883.

Newton Reservoir

DWR personnel report that Newton has moderately safe ice. Anglers aren’t catching many fish. Use extreme caution when checking ice conditions.

Ogden River

The water clarity is good. Lane closures have resumed through the canyon as work on the new water pipeline progresses. Try using zebra midges, pheasant tails and Prince nymphs.

Pineview Reservoir

Some anglers had success fishing Narrows and Cemetery Point with catches of crappie and perch. New, lightweight line is critical — be prepared for very light bites.

Porcupine Reservoir

Below freezing temperatures have kept road conditions to and around the reservoir snow-packed and icy. You will likely need four-wheel drive or an ATV to access the area. The reservoir is frozen, but it contains patches of thin ice or open water. Use extreme caution when testing ice thickness.

Rockport Reservoir

Joseph Hamby reports that fishing has been good. The ice is in good shape and anglers are catching fish all around the lake. Traditional baits are working well. Try ice flies tipped with wax worms, nightcrawlers or PowerBait. The ideal depth is 15 to 25 feet down. If fishing is slow, try moving around.

Weber River

Biologist Paul Thompson reports that the brown trout have finished spawning and late fall/winter fishing conditions will be the standard now. In most sections of the Weber, water flows are low. The fish will be holding in typical locations now that spawning is done. Try a variety of good flies (sizes #14–20) for the winter months. They include pheasant tails, hares’ ears, sow bugs, scuds, zebra midges, rainbow warriors, RS2s, and WD40s.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Anglers report that fishing is slow.


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