Fishing report - July 24

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
July 23, 2013
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Bear Lake

Boats can be launched at the Utah State Park Marina, 1st Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove ramps. The surface water temperature is 67 degrees. Anglers report catching some cutthroat and lake trout while trolling the east side from 2nd Point northward to the state line. Anglers used flatfish and Rapalas, and fished in 50 to 90 feet of water using downriggers. Remember, in order to keep a cutthroat trout from Bear Lake it must have a healed fin clip (usually the adipose fin). Cutthroat trout with all fins intact have to be released. Fishing is good at the Garden City Pond. The pond has high water and was stocked with rainbow trout. Anglers seeing the most success are using woolly bugger flies or PowerBait and worms. You can also catch fish on small spinners. Laketown Reservoir is getting lower, and there’s a lot of moss. Anglers are catching a few rainbow trout using worms or flies.

Blacksmith Fork River

The river is running clear. Some anglers report catching eight- to 10-inch brown trout with worms. For small brown trout, fish the river up to and above the dam. Try using a fly rod or fly and bubble.

Bountiful Lake

Overall, fishing is slow at Bountiful Lake. Shore anglers report catching catfish and an occasional panfish or carp. They’re using anything to lure fish in, including PowerBait, worms, bread, spinners and marshmallows.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Anglers report fair fishing for catfish using shrimp. The reservoir is seeing very little fishing pressure.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Anglers reported fair fishing for rainbow trout from boats and shore. Anglers on shore did best with rainbow PowerBait with sparkles about three to four feet below a bobber. Anglers near the dam had no success. Moving frequently can help if fish aren’t biting where you are. Try trolling from boats with pop gear and a worm, Rapalas, and PowerBait. Fishing is best in the early morning. The reservoir is seeing moderate pressure, and water conditions have been calm and clear with low water levels.

Echo Reservoir

Anglers report best fishing trolling a worm with pop gear in the middle of the reservoir. Fishing pressure has been light, and the water has been low and clear.

Farmington Pond

Anglers report very slow fishing. There have been many swimmers and paddleboarders on the pond.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Boaters have been the most successful. Trout are down deep, so boating anglers are using downriggers with squid-looking baits and needlefish lures. Bass fishing is also fast. Try using plastic worms and tube jigs.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Anglers report slow fishing, with some success at dusk.

Kaysville Ponds

Fishing is fair for catfish and bluegill. Try using worms from the shore or the pier on the middle south pond.

Logan River

The river was recently stocked with rainbow trout, and 10- to 12-inch rainbows have been spotted within 15 feet of shore. Anglers report some success with raw hamburger. Some fish are hitting on PowerBait and worms. In the second dam, try using worms and salmon eggs to catch small browns and the occasional rainbow.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout from both the bank and boats. Try fishing in the evening with PowerBait, worms and trolling pop gear. The water is clear and calm.

Mantua Reservoir

Fishing continues to be good for bluegill all around the dike. Largemouth action can be good in the mornings and evenings. Some anglers are still picking up trout near the inlets.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is seeing a lot of fishing pressure. Most anglers report fair to good fishing, and one group reported catching 20 fish in about four hours. Try using green and rainbow PowerBait to catch rainbow trout. For brook trout, try using a worm suspended from a bubble or bobber. You’ll find the best fishing in the morning. At Moosehorn Lake, anglers in float tubes are having the most success. Try using a renegade or small midge and bubble for tiger trout. Some shore anglers are using worms, but fishing was slow. Smith Morehouse was recently stocked with 10-inch rainbows. There haven’t been any recent reports from anglers. Teapot Lake was recently stocked with rainbow and tiger trout. There haven’t been any recent reports from anglers. Trial Lake is full of water and crowded with anglers. Anglers report slow fishing, with some catching rainbows with green PowerBait with sparkles. The lake was recently stocked with rainbow and tiger trout.

Newton Reservoir

Fishing is best in the morning, before it heats up. Anglers report good fishing for perch using worms and slow fishing for all other fish.

Ogden River

River flows are very low, but fishing is good using standard nymphs, including dry flies in the evening.

Porcupine Reservoir

Anglers report fair fishing. Try fishing on the east end of the reservoir by the inlet. Rainbow trout have been hitting on worms. Water levels are dropping as water is released from the dam.

Rockport Reservoir

Fishing at Rockport is slow, and pressure is light. Anglers reported catching a few small bass along the dam. Try trolling near the dam side of the reservoir using pop gear and spoons in the morning or evening. If the fish aren’t hitting in the area you’re fishing, try moving around.

Weber River

Anglers report fair fishing from Morgan to South Weber. Spin anglers are having the most success with smaller Rapalas and spinners. Fly anglers have had good success in this section using sow bugs and midge patterns. There has been a caddis hatch in the late afternoon. From Morgan up to Echo Reservoir, the water is running high and off color. Fishing has been slow in this section with most of the success coming on bait. Fly anglers are getting a few fish on streamer and worm patterns. Remember that from Great Salt Lake to Echo Reservoir Dam, all cutthroat trout, or trout with cutthroat markings, must be immediately released.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Shore anglers report success for wipers and catfish using clams. Boaters are having some success trolling crankbaits for wipers.


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