Fishing report - June 22

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
June 22, 2011
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Bear Lake

The water levels are currently at 5,917 feet and are rising nearly an inch per day. Hydrologists predict that Bear Lake will come close to filling this year. The lake should be 11.2 feet higher than last fall’s level. 9.25 square miles of shoreline will be covered by the rising water. This means that boaters have a lot of places to launch and quite a bit of shoreline vegetation. You can now launch at the Utah State Park marina, and at the eastside boat ramps at First Point, Rainbow Cove and Cisco Beach. You can even launch on the north end of the lake at the Idaho State Park for the first time in 10 years. All of the boat ramps have courtesy docks in place. The surface water temperature is about 54 degrees.

Fishing is good for cutthroat trout and few lake trout. Try trolling in shallow water, from five to 20 feet deep, parallel to the shore from the Utah State Park marina northward to Fish Haven Creek. Also try the shoreline south of Gus Rich Point down to the rest area and along the east side from 2nd Point northward. Spoons have been the best lures, but Rapalas are also producing some fish. You can troll using flat lines, planer boards or downriggers. Last week, a few anglers caught trophy-sized lake trout in the 15- to 20-pound range. Anglers also report some success jigging off the east side, near Cisco Beach, using tube jigs tipped with cisco.

The area off the mouths of the tributary streams are closed to fishing until July 9 to protect spawning cutthroat trout. Please check your Utah Fishing Guidebook before you head to the lake.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Conservation Officer Jade Sumsion reports that Birch Creek was recently stocked with rainbow trout. The road over Monte Cristo is expected to open at the end of June. See updates on the road opening.

Blacksmith Fork River

Conservation Officer Matt Burgess reports that the river is still running high and fast, which is making fishing conditions difficult. See daily updates on stream flows.

Bountiful Lake

Dedicated Hunter Chris Strauss reports fair fishing for largemouth bass and bluegill using worms. Overall, though, fishing is slow and fishing pressure is light.

Causey Reservoir

The reservoir is full and the water is still chocolate-brown in color. On June 14, anglers reported fair success trolling for kokanee in shallow water near the cliffs. A garlic scent seems to be the key. The reservoir has been stocked heavily with rainbow trout in May and should provide good fishing for shore and canoe anglers. Fishing and canoeing activity is picking up with warmer weather, and now is the best time of the year to launch. See updates on the reservoir’s water levels.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Despite the high water levels, anglers report good access to most of the reservoir. Please use caution: You can still get your boat stuck in some of the shallow bays and coves. Catfish success is improving as the water warms up.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Dedicated Hunter Chris Strauss reports good fishing for fair-sized rainbows using PowerBait. The water level is high. See updates on the reservoir’s water levels.

Echo Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Chris Strauss reports that the water is high and muddy. Anglers report some success for brown trout using worms.

Farmington Pond

Dedicated Hunter Mark Stauss reports slow fishing. The water is extremely muddy from the heavy runoff. Try using PowerBait, salmon eggs and spinners.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Last week, anglers reported fair fishing for rainbow trout using PowerBait. The rainbows appeared to be fat and healthy.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Fishing is slow, but catfish are being stocked.

Kaysville Ponds

Dedicated Hunter Mark Stauss reports moderate fishing and limited success for catfish. Try using PowerBait, salmon eggs or worms.

Little Creek Reservoir

Conservation Officer Jade Sumsion reports fair success for rainbow trout using a fluorescent green or yellow PowerBait. This is a nice reservoir for a day of fishing from the shore, a floattube or a canoe. There is also a very nice picnic pavilion.

Logan River

Fishing is slow. Fishing is closed from the highway bridge at Red Banks Campground upstream to the Idaho stateline, including all tributaries, until 6 a.m. on July 9. See daily updates on stream flows see.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Fishing is fair and the reservoir is about 98 percent full. See updates on the reservoir’s water levels.

Mantua Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Mark Strauss reports that fishing pressure was heavy from the shore with little boat traffic. Fishing is slow from the shore. Try targeting rainbow trout using PowerBait and salmon eggs and worms. Try fishing for largemouth bass from offshore on the east side of the lake using plastic worms and jigs.

Mirror Lake

Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson reports the Mirror Lake highway is still closed around mile marker 21 because of snow. The Wolf Creek Highway is open. You cannot currently access Soapstone Basin or Mill Hollow. Smith Morehouse Reservoir is accessible and fishing is good. The lower campground might open for business this week or next. The upper Ledgefork campground is not open and we don’t know when it will be.

Newton Reservoir

Anglers report spotty fishing success for tiger muskie, with the best results being in the mornings and evenings.

Ogden River

Runoff is still making fishing difficult, and even dangerous, in some areas. See daily updates on water flows.

Pineview Reservoir

Last week, the water temperature was 63 degrees and anglers reported fair-to-good success for smallmouth bass using Senko worms. The Bureau of Reclamation reported that the reservoir was 96 percent full on June 13. See updates on the reservoir’s water levels.

Porcupine Reservoir

Fishing is slow and access to the reservoir is now available.

Rockport Reservoir

Assistant Manager Kevin Taylor reports that fishing has been great this past week. Anglers report catching their limits — mostly rainbow trout with some brown trout — in few hours trolling and drifting in a boat. Fish average 17 inches and are looking healthy. Shore fishing is good in some spots but not in others. The launch ramp is open and all of the docks are in place for the season. The water level is still rising.

Weber River

Biologist Paul Thompson reports that river is high and off-color because of runoff, which is making fishing difficult. Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson reports that the river is extremely dangerous between Wanship and Coalville. He recommends that anglers avoid this section of the river. The water level is dangerously high and the current is dangerously fast.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Sergeant Mitch Lane reports good fishing in the inlet. Anglers are catching wipers, walleye and catfish using traditional baits. Some anglers reported catching their limits of wipers during the first week of June. Biologist Kent Sorenson reports that water temperatures are around 62 degrees. The water clarity isn’t bad on the north end and near the freeway bay. There are a lot of floating weeds.


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