Fishing report - June 26

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
June 25, 2013
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Bear Lake

With the warmer weather, trout will change their behavior, and anglers must adjust their techniques. Anglers report catching cutthroat trout while trolling shallow spoons and jointed Rapalas. You can call 435-946-8501 for recorded updates on fishing conditions at Bear Lake.

Birch Creek Reservoir

The reservoir will be stocked with fingerling trout in July. Learning the feeding cycle for the big trout can make Birch Creek a challenging place to fish. This reservoir is slow, and many anglers have reported catching no fish. However, at nearby Woodruff Creek Reservoir, fishing is fair. The reservoir is currently full. Shore anglers are using worms to catch cutthroat trout up to 16 inches long.

Blacksmith Fork River

The water conditions are very good. Fly-fishing anglers report success with Irresistible Adams and Parachute Adams flies. Anglers report catching brown trout that range from nine to 16 inches long.

Bountiful Lake

No one was fishing when the lake was last checked. Recently, 3.5-inch largemouth bass were stocked in Northern Utah’s community fishing waters. If you happen to catch them, release them so they can continue to grow.

Causey Reservoir

If you’re in a small boat or tube, try using countdown Rapalas for the larger trout that cruise along the cliffs. Anglers are doing well from shore with worms, PowerBait and marabou jigs.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Catfish fishing has been good on the river above and below the reservoir. Anglers have reported some catches that were almost two feet long. Benson has been really popular for night fishing, and you may see shoulder-to-shoulder anglers. The state’s new catch-and-release record for catfish was recently set at Cutler. Now is a great time to fish for catfish with traditional baits.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Fishing is good, and both smallmouth bass and trout are biting. Shore anglers are catching rainbow trout on PowerBait and worms, and they’re catching bass on worms and lures. Trollers are taking limits of rainbow trout up to 16 inches long. More than 10,000 rainbows have been stocked this year.

Echo Reservoir

Shore anglers are doing well with a fly-and-bubble rig. The water temperature is rising, and bass fishing is improving.

Farmington Pond

The water level is low, and fishing has slowed. Recently, 3.5-inch largemouth bass were stocked in Northern Utah’s community fishing waters. If you happen to catch them, release them so they can continue to grow.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Try traditional baits, spinners and wet flies. Please keep in mind that boat fishing is now allowed for small, non-motorized boats. However, the boat launch is only for members of a water-skiing club that has access to the ramp. Any canoes, kayaks and float tubes must be carried to the water and hand-launched. Also, this is a privately-owned reservoir that participates in Utah’s Walk-in Access program. To fish here, you must first obtain a free Walk-in Access authorization number.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

The tagged fish contest will continue through the summer. If you catch a tagged fish, take it to the State Park to claim your prize. One angler reported catching (and mostly releasing) more than 100 fish over four days.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

The water level is very low, and no one appeared to be fishing on the evening of June 17. Recently, 3.5-inch largemouth bass were stocked in Northern Utah’s community fishing waters. If you happen to catch them, release them so they can continue to grow.

Kaysville Ponds

A new sportfish has been introduced here. We recently stocked eight-inch wipers in the Kaysville ponds. These fish should provide some great fishing when they get a bit bigger. Try using small-fish imitations (e.g., jigs, spinners or Rapalas) in white or silver colors. Recently, 3.5-inch largemouth bass were stocked in Northern Utah’s community fishing waters. If you happen to catch them, release them so they can continue to grow.

Little Creek Reservoir

Anglers are catching rainbow trout early in the morning on various flavors of PowerBait.

Logan River

Try fishing with Rainbow Warriors, sow bugs or San Juan worms.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Recent surveys have revealed good growth in cutthroat and tiger trout. Be aware of the special regulations at this reservoir. All fish from 15 to 22 inches must be released. The bag limit is three fish under 15 inches and one fish over 22 inches.

Mantua Reservoir

The DWR has received reports of some dead bluegill that have washed up on shore. The biologists say that post-spawning stress is fairly common, and anglers should not be too alarmed. Recent population surveys revealed healthy populations of all sportfish. Anglers are catching decent numbers of good-sized bluegill. Morning and evening hours provide good action for fly anglers when the winds are down.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake Highway is open. The Uinta lakes along the highway are now being stocked. They provide great fishing and a way to escape the heat of the city. In an effort to strengthen Utah’s golden trout populations, we will be stocking fingerling goldens this summer. This stocking will not result in immediate fishing opportunities, but may provide fishing opportunities later. For updates on the stocking of lakes in the Uintas, check the DWR stocking report.

Newton Reservoir

Anglers continue to catch panfish and tiger muskies. Early-morning fishing produces the most success, but you can keep catching fish into the late morning. Remember, bait-size restrictions are in place this year for tiger muskies, and all tiger muskies must be released.

Ogden River

Water levels continue to be low, and the water is clear. Conditions are great for sight fishing, but the fish are very wary. Use your best leaders and stealthy presentations for success. Fish are rising in the afternoons for small midges.

Pineview Reservoir

Recent reports indicate that anglers are catching smallmouth bass on plastics (senkos and gitzits), but the fish are small. Try crappie-imitating swimbaits and spinnerbaits for bass. Muskie anglers report lots of follows but few strikes. It may be time to try something different, such as buzzbaits. Bullhead fishing should be peaking right now. This video shows you how to catch and cook bullheads and other panfish.

Porcupine Reservoir

Anglers report slow fishing. You can check reservoir capacity information at the Natural Resource Conservation Service website.

Rockport Reservoir

Fishing at Rockport has been good. PowerBait has always worked well. Worms, lures and woolly buggers are also good choices. The boaters report good fishing for bass. If fish are not hitting in a particular area, try moving to another spot.

Weber River

Anglers report good fishing from Morgan to South Weber. Spin anglers are having the most success with silver-and-black Rapalas or brown roostertail spinners. Fly anglers have had good success in this section using sow bugs and PMD emergers. There has been a nice PMD hatch in the midday and a caddis hatch in the late afternoon. From Morgan up to Echo Reservoir, the water is running high and off-color. Fishing has been fair in this section, with most of the success for those who fish with bait. Fly anglers are getting a few fish on streamer and worm patterns. Remember that from the Great Salt Lake to Echo Reservoir Dam, all cutthroat trout, or trout with cutthroat markings, must be immediately released.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Anglers report good fishing for walleye and wipers.


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