Fishing report - March 20

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
March 19, 2013
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Bear Lake

Bear Lake Biologist Scott Tolentino reports that the ice is solid. Currently, the ice is about 14-17 inches thick. For the latest information on fishing conditions at Bear Lake, call 435-946-8501 after 5 p.m.

Blacksmith Fork River

Dry fly patterns should be producing good results now that the daytime temperatures are rising.

Bountiful Lake

There was some open water near the boat ramp on March 11. Please use caution.

Causey Reservoir

Dedicated hunter Patric Miller talked to anglers recently. The first group hadn’t caught any fish, but got two bites — one on each pole. The second party had two anglers and they caught two trout, 10-12 inches. Both parties were using ice flies tipped with wax worms and were fishing around the first set of narrows. The best time to fish is early in the morning. The ice conditions by the dam are unsafe. Out on the lake, the ice is approximately 12-18 inches thick. It’s accessible in areas further down from the dam.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Some anglers are catching catfish on the lower Bear River near Corinne. Because of the flows, any existing ice should be viewed as unstable as the weather warms up.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Area reservoirs are filling and the edges are unstable on most of them.

Echo Reservoir

Area reservoirs are filling and the edges are unstable on most of them.

Farmington Pond

The gate is closed for the season, but the Farmington City Recreation Department notes that foot traffic is still allowed.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

The ice has pulled away from the shore. There is about five feet of open water around most of the reservoir.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Anglers report that fishing is fair, but the ice is getting slushy on top. Call the state park at 435-245-6866 for updates on ice conditions.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

The ice is gone, and the pond was recently stocked.

Kaysville Ponds

The pond has open water around the edges and some soft spots. Please use caution.

Little Creek Reservoir

There haven’t been any angler reports in a couple of weeks. Fishing is normally good just after ice off, which is usually in April.

Logan River

There has been extensive tree removal on the lower Logan. Try using bead head nymphs or Panther Martins.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Area reservoirs are filling and the edges are unstable on most of them. Anglers report that you can access the reservoir using a plank.

Mantua Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Patric Miller talked to anglers recently. The first party, consisting of two fishermen, fished just off the boat launch and had a couple of trout ranging from 10-12 inches. They were using ice flies tipped with wax worms. They said they had only fished for trout. The other party, also consisting of two fisherman, didn’t have luck fishing for bluegills and bass about 500 yards straight out from the boat ramp. They were using night crawlers and paddle bugs. Overall, fishing was slow, but the anglers who caught trout said fishing was the best early in the morning. Ice conditions are good; it’s a little slushy on the outside, but there is still about 12 inches of ice.

Mirror Lake

Choose your fishing days carefully. Bad weather in the valleys is often much worse in the high country. Kamas Fish Hatchery personnel regularly fish the lakes of the Uintas and can answer questions about access and fishing conditions. You can contact them by calling 435-783-4883.

Newton Reservoir

There haven’t been any recent angler reports.

Ogden River

The water is more turbid than last week. Blue-winged olive (BWO) hatches are still on and the fish are very active.

Pineview Reservoir

Dedicated hunter Patric Miller recently talked to three angler parties at Pineview. Two sets of anglers were east of the Swim Beach parking lot, and one group was west. They had caught a total of 14 fish, all perch ranging from 6-8 inches long. They were all using some variation of ice flies tipped with mealworms. The anglers reported that fishing was great around 9:30 a.m., but they still got bites after that, too. The ice was inaccessible from the shore, except with the use of an eight foot ladder laid from the shore to the ice. The ice was approximately 18-24 inches thick where they were fishing.

Porcupine Reservoir

Ice conditions are unsafe because of the rain and the warmer temperatures. The road conditions to the reservoir are poor too. We don’t recommended traveling to the reservoir until more snow melts.

Rockport Reservoir

Area reservoirs are filling and the edges are unstable on most of them. Anglers report that the ice is pulling away from the shoreline.

Weber River

The lower Weber is fairly muddy. Anglers report some success near Echo. Please remember that you must immediately release all cutthroat trout — or trout with cutthroat markings — if you catch them between the Great Salt Lake and Echo Reservoir dam.

Willard Bay Reservoir

There were no anglers spotted fishing at Willard Bay over the weekend. The ice conditions are unsafe and there isn’t any shore access. The inlet is open approximately 50 yards outside of the north marina inlet. The water at the south inlet is flowing high and fast.


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