Fishing Report - May 30

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
May 29, 2012
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Bear Lake

Supplemental stocking of seven- and eight-inch cutthroat trout took place in April. For fishing condition updates, call the recorded information line after 5 p.m. at 435–946-8501.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Conditions were checked on May 23 and the main reservoir is still spilling, so foot access beyond the dam is difficult and dangerous. Anglers can carry float tubes up over the dam and reach the backwaters via float tube. State Road 39 over Monte Cristo is now open. Very windy conditions are common here.

Blacksmith Fork River

Hardware Ranch WMA Manager Dan Christensen says flows have dropped off in the past few days. Bait, spinner and fly-fishing should all be good.

Bountiful Lake

Rainbows were recently stocked at Bountiful Lake. Check the DWR stocking report for stocking information. Conservation Officer Brandon Baron reports fair fishing success.

Causey Reservoir

The conditions on May 23 were great for launching canoes and kayaks from the dam because the water levels had peaked. The DWR stocked 8,000 nine-inch rainbow trout in early May. For tiger trout, try fishing the rocky cliff areas from a kayak or a kick boat. Countdown Rapalas (brown trout pattern) work well for tiger trout.

Cutler Reservoir

& Marsh

Groups of anglers checked on May 19 reported that fishing for catfish was picking up. A good time to start chasing catfish is generally right around Father’s Day.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Fishing turned around last weekend from shore and on the water. A lot of nice fish were coming out and one person said the report should be rated excellent fishing. We are expecting high afternoon winds up to 30 mph this weekend with some rain showers. Vessels are required to be outfitted with the proper safety gear. Boaters are welcome to ask for a safety inspection of their vessel as they enter the park.

Echo Reservoir

This reservoir can produce some big brown trout for spring boat anglers. Conservation Officer Rustin Nielsen reports that the fishing on Echo Reservoir is fair. Anglers has success catching trout using PowerBait or worms from the shore. Fishing has also been good trolling with pop gear and a worm from a boat.

Farmington Pond

Check the DWR stocking report for updates on stocked waters.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

At this reservoir, stocking usually takes place in the spring and fall. Fishing has been good all spring. This year, two new fishing waters have been created in Northern Davis County — Adams and Hobbs reservoirs. If you don’t have success at one, try one of the others. Hobbs is being managed as a trophy water so anglers can use only artificial flies and lures, and the limit for taking trout is two under 15 inches. All trout over 15 inches must be released. Please pack out any garbage that you see at these reservoirs. These are private areas and fishing them is a privilege.

Hyrum Reservoir

& State Park

The Hyrum State Park Fishing Classic tagged fish contest will started last Saturday. There are a lot of great prizes to be won from local businesses here in Cache Valley. For more information, you can visit the State Parks website or call the park at 435-245-6866. Fishing is still great from shore and from boat.

Jensen Nature

Park Pond

Check the DWR stocking report for updates on stocked waters.

Kaysville Ponds

Check the DWR stocking report for updates on stocked waters.

Little Creek Reservoir

The rainbows stocked last year have put on some good growth — some have reached 18 inches. Windy conditions can make fishing here challenging. The conditions were checked on May 18 and water levels were great. Access is very good for people who can only walk short distances. A nice picnic bowery makes this a great escape from city life.

Logan River

The DWR is looking for angler input regarding a proposed treatment to remove brown trout for native cutthroat trout conservation this fall. An open house will be held at the Cache Valley Hunter Education Center on Thursday.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Make sure you are aware of the new regulations at Lost Creek: There is a total trout limit of four fish. You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All fish, including rainbows, from 15 to 22 inches, must be immediately released.

Mantua Reservoir

Anglers report that fishing has been slow the past couple of days, while others report good fishing for bass and bluegill on the east side of the reservoir.

Mirror Lake

Whitney Reservoir is open and fishing is good for small rainbow trout. The Mirror Lake Highway is now open. Anglers report patches of snow that can be up to a foot deep. Early-season fishing should be great.

Newton Reservoir

Officers have issued citations to those not following the immediate release of muskies rule enforced at Newton. The proper release of muskies is vital to preserving this unique fishing opportunity. Conservation Officer Matt Burgess reports that fishing is slow.

Ogden River

The water clarity on May 23 was fair, although the flows were high and fast and not recommended for wading. You can still find good pools holding fish — just be careful and selective. The stonefly hatch came on quickly and appears to be over, although some fish are still keyed into a fly pattern with an orange body. Try stimulators with a prince nymph or gold-ribbed hare’s ear dropper. The lower Ogden has been stocked with rainbow trout. Please use caution when fishing, especially with young children.

Pineview Reservoir

Two anglers interviewed on May 23 fished all day in Spring Creek Bay. They caught one 26-inch muskie on a fly rod. Biologist Kent Sorensen reports that the water is clear and 62 degrees. The water level has dropped about a foot. Sorensen says the muskies are semi-active. Smallmouth action should be picking up.

Porcupine Reservoir

The water level has dropped about a foot. The reservoir is not receiving a lot of pressure. Anglers report having some success catching browns and few smaller kokanee. East Fork Little Bear River: artificial flies and lures only.

Rockport Reservoir

Joseph Hamby of Rockport reports that the fishing has been good at Rockport this week. Boaters have done well with a variety of lures and baits. There have also been good reports from the shoreline anglers. All the large docks are in. The water temperature is around 52 degrees. Personnel at the reservoir are still in the process of replacing the fish-cleaning station with a grinder-type station. There is a temporary fish-cleaning station at the wedge dock, and the new one should be in soon. The Rafter B Tagged Fish Challenge at Rockport will continue through Thursday.

Weber River

The river flows are high and fast — please use caution.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Biologist Kent Sorensen reports that the water is clear and 65 degrees. It appears to be full or nearly full. Walleyes are biting on bottom bouncers and on crankbaits. Anglers report slow success for catfish.

—Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


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