Fishing report - October 12

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
October 12, 2011
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Bear Lake

Biologist Scott Tolentino reports that the surface water temperature is 63 degrees. The water level has only dropped about eight inches since the summer. Right now, the lake is 10 feet higher than it was last fall. Fishing is good to excellent for lake trout and cutthroat trout. Lake trout are beginning to stage prior to their spawning run and are feeding heavily at this time. Anglers should try jigging and trolling in depths of 50 to 65 feet using downriggers off Gus Rich Point and along the east side at Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove. The best trolling lures have been flatfish and Rapalas. If you’re jigging, use tube jigs tipped with cisco.

You can launch boats at the Utah state park marina, First Point and the newly-paved ramp at Rainbow Cove. You can also launch boats on the east side at the Idaho state park east beach and at the Idaho state park on the north end of the lake. All boat ramps have courtesy docks in place at this time. Avoid launching at Cisco Beach. The concrete portion of the ramp is well underwater, and there is a lot of soft sand and loose rocks that make it easy to get stuck. Remember, if you boat or fish on the Idaho half of the lake you must have an Idaho mussel certification sticker on your boat, or you will be ticketed.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Fall is one of the best seasons to catch tiger, cutthroat and rainbow trout at this remote Rich County reservoir.

Blacksmith Fork River

Dedicated Hunter Ron Wamsley reports that fishing is really slow. The water levels are starting to get low, but water clarity is good.

Bountiful Lake

Fishing is fair. The lake was recently stocked with rainbow trout.

Causey Reservoir

The water level is low. The last fishing report was of slow fishing. There were no anglers on the water on the water on Oct. 4.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Boat traffic has increased because the waterfowl hunting season has started. There are no recent report on fishing success. Expect fair success.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Dedicated Hunter Shane Rees reports that the water is murky and warm, and fishing is slow.

Echo Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Shane Rees reports the water is murky and around 60 degrees. Fishing is fair. Try trolling for rainbow trout using spinners.

Farmington Pond

The pond was recently stocked so fishing should be fair.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

The water levels are low and fishing access is good. Fishing is fair and fishing pressure is light, especially midweek.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Dedicated Hunter Ron Wamsley reports spotty fishing for small trout. Try fishing using pop gear and a worm.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

The pond was recently stocked so fishing should be fair.

Kaysville Ponds

The pond was recently stocked so fishing should be fair.

Little Creek Reservoir

The reservoir hasn’t been stocked since May. Any fish that are left should have experienced good growth over the summer.

Logan River

One angler reported slow fishing on Beaver Creek, which is a tributary to the upper Logan River.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Shane Rees reports fair boat fishing for trout using PowerBait and heavy lead. Trolling with spinners is also yielding results. Shore fishing is slow. The water is clear.

Mantua Reservoir

Anglers report some success for bluegill and perch. Dedicated Hunter Ron Wamsley recommends trolling with popgear around the docks and the boat ramp area. Most of the fish are eight to 12-inches. Paul Burnett reports slow fishing from the shore. Boat traffic has been mild. Paul had reasonable success for small bluegill and largemouth bass fishing off the dam using a jighead and a bubble, baited with a small piece of worm. Paul also caught bass using a leech pattern with the same setup. This is a great time to take the kids out for a couple of hours. Biologist Kent Sorenson reports water temperatures of about 65 degrees. Aquatic weeds are not too problematic right now. If you fish in deeper water, you will rarely get tangled in the weeds.

Mirror Lake

If you take a day hike to some of the fishing spots near the Mirror Lake Highway, you will find great fishing. The weather is changing rapidly and backcountry travel will become difficult and dangerous as snow storms develop.

Newton Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Scott Harris reports fair to good fishing on the south end of the dam. Anglers were using worms for perch and bluegill. One angler caught bass on a six-inch rubber worm and reeled them in slowly. One of the bass was 18 inches long. Water levels are holding steady. Anglers report that the muskies are in the shallow areas, so fishing is slower.

Ogden River

Fly anglers report slow fishing below Pineview because of the water clarity. The recent storms have made the water cloudy. The South Fork had very good water clarity last week.

Pineview Reservoir

Biologist Kent Sorenson reports slow fishing. Dedicated Hunter Shane Rees reports some success for muskies fishing from a boat and casting bucktails toward the shore. Shore fishing is slow. The water is about 64 degrees and clear, and recreational boating traffic is becoming lighter.

Porcupine Reservoir

Dedicated Hunter Scott Harris reports that fishing pressure is light at Porcupine, and the fishing is slow. Two anglers were on the north end of the reservoir in pontoon boats, and they were spin fishing with Mepps spinners. Fishing was better in the early morning and tapered off as the weather got warmer. Please remember that if you fish the East Fork Little Bear River that it’s restricted to artificial flies and lures only.

Rockport Reservoir

Assistant Manager Kevin Taylor reports that 40,000 nine- to 13-inch fish were stocked on Oct. 3. Shore anglers report great fishing using garlic PowerBait. Boat anglers are having success using worms or trolling with popgear and other lures. The docks are still in, but they will be removed mid-October. All of the facilities are open. Come and catch a fish at Rockport Reservoir.

Weber River

Biologist Paul Thompson reports good fishing. The cooling air temperatures should mean that fishing will be great in the weeks to come. Paul has had great success using size #10 drowned hoppers and soft-hackled or rubber-legged, light-colored pheasant tails. However, all standard nymphs in sizes #14 to #12 should work well.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Fishing is really slow from a boat. There are a lot fish on the fish finder, but no boils. Dedicated Hunter Ron Wamsley reports that the bugs were really bad.


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