Fishing report - October 24

Story by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
October 24, 2012
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Bear Lake

Fishing is good at Bear Lake and other Rich County waters.

Woodruff Reservoir contains cutthroat trout. A small boat ramp provides access for smaller boats and trolling is a popular and effective technique. Flatfish, Rapalas and spinners such as the Blue Fox Vibrex in gold and silver colors are effective lures. The turnoff to this reservoir is located 5.5 miles west of Woodruff onSR-39. Turn south off the paved road onto a gravel road and travel nearly four miles to the reservoir. Please respect the vast amount of private property that surrounds this reservoir.

To access Laketown Reservoir, turn south on 200 East Street in Laketown off State Highway30. From the turnoff, travel south for two miles to reach the reservoir. This is a small reservoir that can be easily fished from shore with traditional baits and lures. Laketown Reservoir contains sterile rainbow and cutthroat trout. Please pack out all garbage from this pretty little reservoir.

Any discussion of fall fishing in Rich County must include Bear Lake. Fishing for lake trout from shore is possible in the fall. Lakers are moving close to shore and anglers with fly rods are catching lunker lakers from shore with streamers. Another late fall fishing highlight is the whitefish spawn. Fishing from shore and small boats is possible until late November or early December. Catch whitefish up to three pounds by using small jigs.

Garden City Community Fishing Pond is located about one mile south of the Logan Canyon Road (U.S. Highway 89). Turn south at the only stop sign in Garden City and then turn east on Buttercup Lane and go for 1/4 mile and turn north on Buttercup Blvd to the pond. It is one of the newest community fisheries in the state and offers great access and excellent fishing for sterile rainbow trout.

For recorded updates on water temperatures and lake conditions, call 435-946-8501.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Routine fall population surveys conducted by the DWR show healthy populations of tiger and rainbow trout at this reservoir. The turnoff to Birch Creek is located 7.7 miles west of Woodruff on SR-39. Turn north off the pavement onto a gravel road then travel northwest, bearing to the left for 1.25 miles. The road goes to the base of the dam and from there a short, but steep hike up the dam will take you to reservoir access. Float tubes, shore fishing and small, lightweight boats that can be hauled over the dam are the most popular. Streamers that imitate leeches and small fish are effective. Traditional baits for shore anglers are also good producers. At the base of the dam is a Bureau of Land Management campsite, open parking area and vault toilets.

Blacksmith Fork River

Water levels are coming up and browns are starting to color up! And fall fishing is good. Try prince nymphs and spinners.

Bountiful Lake

Check the DWR stocking report for details on when the reservoir was last stocked.

Causey Reservoir

Water levels are low. The reservoir was recently stocked with six-inch rainbow and tiger trout. Try PowerBait in rainbow, orange, spring green or chartreuse colors.

Cutler Reservoir & Marsh

Fishing activity generally tapers off sharply in the fall. One angler reported fair fishing for crappie and walleye below the dam on the Bear River.

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Park Ranger Jeff Dale reports that the water is very low. It is not possible to launch from the ramp. A few shore anglers report that fishing is slow.

Echo Reservoir

Water levels remain low. Volunteer Jared Provost reports that fishing is slow. One angler recently caught a smallmouth bass. The daily and limit possession has been increased to eight trout. This increase will remain effective until Jan. 1, 2013.

Farmington Pond

Check the DWR stocking report for details on when the reservoir was last stocked.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

The water level is extremely low. Access to the water is good. Also, try Andy Adams Reservoir and Hobbs Reservoir, which have been recently stocked.

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park

Park Ranger Steve Bullock reports that fishing is hot for rainbow trout using green or red lures. The boat dock is still in the water. Reservoir water levels are rising.

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Check the DWR stocking report for details on when the reservoir was last stocked.

Kaysville Ponds

Check the DWR stocking report for details on when the reservoir was last stocked.

Little Creek Reservoir

This small reservoir is very productive and the rainbow trout stocked here grow well. The road goes right to the water, which provides great access for float tube anglers. From Randolph, drive 2.25 miles west and the reservoir sits at the fork in the road between New and Old Canyons. A nice picnic pavilion and vault toilets make this a great place for a day fishing trip.

Logan River

The Logan River is receiving light pressure. Water levels are good at all three dams. Anglers are having some success catching rainbow trout.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Aquatics Technician Seth Green reports that fishing has remained consistent for rainbow and cutthroat trout. Shore anglers are having the best success with various colors of PowerBait floated behind a water-filled clear bubble. The reservoir is low, but it is still possible to launch a boat, and boat anglers are having the best success trolling various lures. Try popgear and a worm or different flatfish and Rapala patterns. Fish are being caught from a depth of approximately 40 feet and up to the surface. For fly fishing, try darker colored woolly buggers or leeches. The water is cooling down and anglers can expect to find fish in shallow water in the coming weeks. Make sure you are aware of the regulations at Lost Creek: There is a total trout limit of four fish. You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All fish, including rainbows, from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released. Conservation officers are patrolling the area regularly.

Mantua Reservoir

Try streamer patterns for trout. Holdover trout stocked earlier this year should also provide some good fall fishing. The five-inch fish stocked in October should provide great winter and spring fishing.

Mirror Lake

Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson reports snow from mile marker 7-8 U150 through Soapstone Basin and higher. Nice-sized tiger trout have been stocked in Butterfly, Pass and other lakes near the SR 150 summit. This is a great time of year to fish the Uintas! Check the DWR stocking report for details on when the reservoir was last stocked.

Newton Reservoir

With the cooler weather, fishing for muskies should taper off sharply.

Ogden River

The water in the canyon and South Fork is crystal clear and the fish are very easily spooked. Try a Panther Martin or other spinners. Worms are also a good choice, especially in town. Most nymph patterns work well. Some anglers report having success with sow bugs, midge larvae patterns in red, olive and black, rainbow warriors, standard prince nymphs, purple psycho prince nymphs and dark colored baetis patterns. Size 18 seems to work best. Anglers were reporting seeing hoppers last week, but they are gone now.

Pineview Reservoir

Anglers report that muskie fishing is a bit slow. Water temperatures are in the high 50s. Shore anglers have had success casting large plugs and swim baits in crappie and bluegill colors.

Porcupine Reservoir

The water level is low. Boat access is not recommended. Irrigation season is over. The water level at East Fork Little Bear River is extremely low. Anglers may find success in deeper pools.

Rockport Reservoir

Joseph Hamby reports that fishing has been fair in the early mornings but spotty later in the day. The cooler weather should improve fishing. Boaters have used lures, worms and PowerBait. The trout seem to be in the deeper, cooler water. Reports from shoreline anglers are better in the mornings. Worms with marshmallows and PowerBait have been good bait choices. The smallmouth bass are in the rocky areas and around the docks. There have been reports of perch caught in the Juniper campground area. The water temperature is around 65 degrees. The docks are out of the lake because of low water levels. The wedge dock will be put back in as the water comes up.

Weber River

Hare’s ears, prince nymphs, pheasant tails, scuds/sow bugs and midges should work well. If you feel adventurous, try streamers (sculpin patterns, mice, and brown or black buggers) after dark when some of the larger browns are more active. Spinners and crankbaits have also been working well. Before fishing, you can check flow releases from Rockport and Echo reservoirs at USGS gaging stations.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Anglers are still catching wipers and catfish. Fishing in the afternoon provides the best results. Biologist Chris Penne recommends using crankbaits.


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