New Ogden Urban Trail offers escape from city life

Story by David Owen
Standard-Examiner correspondent
January 2, 2013
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Picking just one trail to write about each month is no easy feat considering all of Ogden’s wonderful options. A few candidates for January’s edition were Malan’s Peak — an epic winter-time adventure with huge elevation gain and breathtaking views — or perhaps Jump-Off Canyon or Hidden Valley. Both are local gems.

However, rumblings of a new, relatively unknown trail emerged as the go-to topic for the monthly Take-A-Hike article.

It’s a trail perfectly built for hikers, mountain bikers or anyone in need of a little time with Mother Nature, shielded from Ogden’s hustle and bustle.

If you’re guessing which mountainside excursion this article is about, you will be surprised: This unique trail is right downtown.

The newest addition to the Ogden Trails Network has been rightly dubbed the “Ogden Urban Trail” and is hidden on a tree-filled hillside. It’s a five-minute walk from downtown.

The Ogden Urban Trail or (OUT) is an instant classic in many ways. First, OUT is the closest trail to Ogden’s dynamic downtown. Second, it offers virtually instant access to quiet seclusion in itself or as a shortcut to the Ogden River Parkway.

The OUT trailhead is on 20th Street’s north side, under half a block from Washington Boulevard. It subtly rises and falls in elevation, bends and curves around old forest trees and reaches its terminus at Park Boulevard which is conveniently located where the Ogden River Parkway goes under Monroe Boulevard near Lorin Farr Park.

If you work downtown and have an hour lunch break, you can be on OUT after a five-minute walk or two-minute bike ride. The trail is the perfect environment to spend your workday lunch.

Ogden’s Urban Trail is our only in-city, bike- and horse-friendly trek. Although OUT is short, it provides a quick escape under a generous tree canopy which yields a surprising array of wildlife (quail find this dynamic area especially delightful) in a semi-residential, semi-urban but secluded passageway. See you there!

Take a Hike is coordinated by the Ogden Trails Network. It appears monthly in Xplore and online The Ogden Trails Network is now on Facebook. Share your favorite hikes and photos there.

David Owen


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