Tricks of the trade when the bass aren’t biting

Story by Brent Frazee
The Kansas City Star
May 14, 2011
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When the bass fishing gets tough at Lake of the Ozarks, Keith Enloe often uses a little finesse to get the fish to bite.

Consider a recent weekday. When a cold front affected the bite, Enloe turned to an old trick.

He dropped down to spinning gear and light line, then went to a Zoom trick worm on a standup head. He started crawling that small plastic worm over baseball-sized rock adjacent to a spawning bank and found immediate success.

He and a fishing partner, Jim Divincen, ended up catching nine keepers in three hours, one of them 4 1/2 pounds.

“When they’re not in the chasing mood, sometimes you have to drop down to a smaller bait and just finesse them,” said Enloe, who lives in Eldon, Mo., and is a longtime guide on the lake.

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Brent Frazee


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